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Original Shows

This is a collection of original show concepts I have developed. All of the following pitch decks were made for purely educational/practice purposes, and there is no intention to sell or develop the shows further. I share these as an example of my creativity, organizational abilities, and unique vision! 


Star Squad is an original story I developed for pitching throughout the Spring of 2023. This is a preschool educational show teaching basic astronomy concepts. Each episode, squad leaders Isabella and Aster, (previously named Quincy), travel the universe and learn about a new constellation-- all while thwarting the plans of the nefarious Auntie Matter! Ultimately, Star Squad helps me achieve my lifelong goals of promoting inclusivity and passion for young innovators in the STEM field. 


Maizey and the Dream Knights aims to help kids process and develop emotional intelligence by visualizing complex emotions. Going beyond the basics of “happy” or “sad”, this show helps children understand that unresolved anxiety or other negative emotions can manifest in ways that are hard to express or name. Each episode will focus on either Maizey or a kid from the neighborhood experiencing a conflict that causes unique emotional distress. This can be something like anxiety, jealousy, or disappointment, but more importantly we end the episode with the positive ways we can grow from these experiences.

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